Bare and Boho Cloth Nappy V2 (OSFM)

Bare and Boho Cloth Nappy V2 (OSFM)


A more trim fitting design, featuring a more slender groin width than the V1. Also features reinforced front paneling for a more secure flex, and more waist snap options.V2 Boosters are designed to sit on top of inserts rather than snap underneath. This allows for booster to be folded if needed to create extra padding in either front or back. Another versatile function and improvement!


Bare and Boho's OSFM (one size fits most) nappy collection is an innovative minimalist nappy system, designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly!


OSFM is suitable for babies approximately 4kg to 18kg (birth to toddler) depending on the shape of your little one.


The system involves three separate pieces:

1. Outer waterproof shell

2. Organic Bamboo-Cotton Insert: 4x Layers of Organic Fleece + Double Layer Side Gussets

3. Booster Pad: 4x Layers of Microfibre fabric contoured to provide optimal fit.

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    The shell consists of a soft waterproof outer layer made of Water-resistant fabric (PUL) featuring a stunning designer print, and a water-resistant inner lining (PUL) that allows for any mess to be easily wiped clean.

    The unique waterproof lining means the shell can be reused, lasting numerous nappy changes before washing is required.

    Made with light-weight waterproof materials, washing is as simple as a wipe-down, spray down or a rinse under the tap, and drying time is fast.

    Featuring outer double gusseting around the thighs to guard against leakage as well as gusseting at the rear of the nappy to avoid leakage up the back.